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Find and click any of the thumbnail images shown below to see the details of that configuration here.

ABA QD-3 Head with elbows, screen trap, barbed hose fittings.

ABA Head with QD-3 and screen trap

ABA Tank Heads

ABA QD3 Head with retainer pin.

ABA Head with QD-1 Adapter.

CH Tank Heads

CH Head with straight garden hose threads.

CH Head with garden hose threaded elbows.

CH Head with hose barb elbows.

CH Tank Heads

CH Head with straight hose barbs.

CH head with quick-connect elbows.

CH Head with straight quick-connect fittings.

MW Tank Heads

MW Head with threaded, straight garden hose fittings.

MW head with 3/4" male pipe thread x 3/4" male garden hose connections, and 1/2" hose barbs.

MW Head with straight barbed hose fittings.

MW Head with straight male camlocks fittings.

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March 08, 2023